Thursday, February 10, 2011

Saudi Arabia Oil Production Update: 2009

Following an earlier post with updated Oklahoma, Texas, and world oil production plots, I was motivated to review and revise my Saudi Arabia production numbers.  KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) production began in 1936 and my plots start there, but I am unable to identify the source of my early numbers (1936-1964).  Nothing sinister, my computer files are growing at about 38GB/yr and I can't find the original data source.  For 1965-2009 I use the BP statistical review.

I must admit this was somewhat motivated by this recent story.  I have done my own estimates and may report that sometime.

For now, let's stick to the production data.  I was in KSA from 2005 through 2007 and note those years included the daily production peak (so far) and two years of decline.  As soon as I left, production went up.  Fascinating.

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Craig said...


The AAPG began publishing production numbers for Saudi Arabia in ~1939. They were fairly consistent in publishing annual production figures until the mid-1980's when the Saudis took complete control of their industry. That data may be of interest to you.

This (i.e. Saudi production & future production capacity) was recently a hot topic on the Seeking Alpha investment blog site.