Thursday, July 12, 2012

Backup File Size

Update 12 July 2012

For quite a while now I have been keeping track of the growing size of my backup file.  I keep all my files and working data on a 250GB USB drive and back this up on my Mac system as a backup tar file.  Since tar is not a compressed format, the size of this file represents essentially how much digital information I am generating and accumulating.  The plot below shows how this has grown over time.

In the linear regression equation, y is backup file size in GB and x is time in years since 5/19/2008 (when I started keeping track).  The file size is doubling about every 2 years.  It won't be long before my 250GB drive will have to be retired.


Anonymous said...

Try FSlint, which can be found in the repositories of most major Linux distributions, to find duplicate files. On Fedora the package name is fslint, the executable is fslint-gui , and it brings up a graphical user interface that is quite intuitive to use.


Dave Mann said...

It seems that you store data above-trend during the colder months.