Sunday, March 13, 2016

OpendTect Workflows

I've been developing OpendTect workflows to support my graduate student's research and my University of Arkansas course 3D Seismic Exploration. These are posted and maintained on my Grad Student Blog and links to those blog entries will be given here and updated as new workflows come online.

These may be of some use to those academics and others out there using OpendTect for teaching, research, hydrocarbon exploration or any other application of seismic interpretation.

Isochron and Isopach Maps in OpendTect ... not yet
Traditional Horizon Tracking in Faulted Terrain
OpendTect Fault Mapping in Time Slices
Manual Surface Tracking in OpendTect
Basic Depth Conversion in OpendTect ... not yet

How bad is it?

Updated through 13 Mar 2016


Updated through 19 Feb 2016


Updated through 8 Jan 2016


This graph captures the current deep decline in world oil price (WTI, but Brent would be similar), North American natural gas price and North American rig count. The rig count is a macro measure of economic activity in the hydrocarbon energy sector, the center of an ecosystem of exploration and production business activity. The rig count still falling after 12 months may indicate the quickest possible recovery could be 12-18 months away.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Infographics: Economic Oil Reserves

I am always on the lookout for excellent infographics that masterfully compress complex data into readily understandable displays. Came across one today in The Economist, an interactive graph showing oil reserves for each major producing country and how it varies with oil price. Here is a static screen shot at $40 Brent crude price, about 18% above current price of $33.75: