Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Self portrait

The newspaper up here in Arkansas did a lengthy profile on me.  As part of the process they sent out a self portrait set of questions.  Thought my readers beyond the Ozarks would like to see the answers.


Full name:  Christopher Lee Liner

Date of birth: 8 August 1956

Place of birth:  Tulsa

Family:  Wife Dolores Proubasta, son David, daughter Samantha

What takes me back: 
The sound of rain on tent canvas, a reminder of soggy campouts with good friends

My New Year’s resolution is: Call more, email less

People in high school thought I was:
Moody, erratic, tribal… in short, a teenager like everyone else

The best advice I ever received:
Keeping busy is a poor substitute for accomplishment (Voltaire)

Book I would recommend to anyone:
The Lessons of History by Will and Ariel Durant

My musical aptitude consists of: 
Despite years of trying, the same three guitar chords I knew in high school: G, C and D

If I could play any song on the guitar it’d be: 
Paradise by John Prine

Few people know I:
Have not eaten meat (except seafood) since 1999

Fantasy dinner guests (up to 5):
Archimedes, Voltaire, Einstein, Churchill and Will Durant as moderator

A word to sum me up: 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Carbonate Essentials Short Course

Just a note to let everyone know that I will be teaching my new 1-day short course on Carbonate Essentials (CE) for the first time on June 15 at the China University of Petroleum in Qingdao. The event is the 4th ICAPT Technical Forum. (ICAPT stands for International Center for Advanced Petroleum Technologies).

General outline: 
Rock Physics 
Seismic 101 

Many thanks to the Chinese American Petroleum Association (CAPA) for arranging and facilitating this course. It culminates over 10 years of working on carbonates at Saudi Aramco, the University of Houston and now at the University of Arkansas. After my SEG President term winds down in Fall 2015, I will be available to teach CE on a request basis worldwide as an in-house or public offering. Contact liner@uark.edu for further information.

Preview on YouTube... see this blog entry for details

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

EAGE 2015 Madrid

John Stockwell, longtime friend from Colorado School of Mines. 


Great opening ceremony at EAGE 2015 at the Madrid IFEMA convention center. Beautifully managed by President Phillip Ringrose with award citations read by President-Elect Mohammed Al-Faraj (my friend from CSM and Aramco days).

Very good talk by Simon Bennett of IEA at opening ceremony. 

Had a nice chat with Gerry Schuster of KAUST about many things, including interesting work he is doing with hominid researchers in Africa. Maybe I'll tag along sometime to see if I can help. Also enjoyed hearing about his small scale field experiments on noise, interferometry and surface wave inversion. Might try it myself in the hills of Arkansas. 

Spent some quality time with Bill Symes (Rice Inversion Project) who deservedly won the EAGE 2015 Erasmus Award. Well done Bill!

Tonight is a dinner for parties involved with the AAPG/SEG ICE 2016 in Barcelona. REPSOL is always a key player in Spanish meetings and I look forward to talking to their representatives over wine and tapas.