Friday, February 18, 2011

10000 Visitors

Today the Seismos blog passed ten thousand visitors, a mere 1 year and 17 days after passing the one thousand mark.  That is a ten-fold increase in just about a year and the trend is accelerating, as can be seen in the plot below.  This was generated in Excel using data from the StatCounter I have on the blog.

The blog started 4 October 2008, but the stat counter only has data from 1 Sept 2009.

I have added a trend line to the Page Loads curve and the best fit I could get was using a 4th order polynomial (see equation). Extrapolating this trend predicts the 20k mark will be reached about 670 days after 1 Sept 2009 which works out to be 3 July 2011. The next 10-fold increase to 100k should be in Feb or March 2012.


moka said...

we'll see:)

you look well and have a good brain, a style:)
have a nice day!
Veronika from Hungary

freshly retired reservoir engineer:), dummy to geophysics, unfortunately...

moka said...

I like the mood how you communicate your work