Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Self portrait

The newspaper up here in Arkansas did a lengthy profile on me.  As part of the process they sent out a self portrait set of questions.  Thought my readers beyond the Ozarks would like to see the answers.


Full name:  Christopher Lee Liner

Date of birth: 8 August 1956

Place of birth:  Tulsa

Family:  Wife Dolores Proubasta, son David, daughter Samantha

What takes me back: 
The sound of rain on tent canvas, a reminder of soggy campouts with good friends

My New Year’s resolution is: Call more, email less

People in high school thought I was:
Moody, erratic, tribal… in short, a teenager like everyone else

The best advice I ever received:
Keeping busy is a poor substitute for accomplishment (Voltaire)

Book I would recommend to anyone:
The Lessons of History by Will and Ariel Durant

My musical aptitude consists of: 
Despite years of trying, the same three guitar chords I knew in high school: G, C and D

If I could play any song on the guitar it’d be: 
Paradise by John Prine

Few people know I:
Have not eaten meat (except seafood) since 1999

Fantasy dinner guests (up to 5):
Archimedes, Voltaire, Einstein, Churchill and Will Durant as moderator

A word to sum me up: 

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