Monday, July 13, 2015

Carbonate Essentials Short Course

Just a note to let everyone know that I will be teaching my new 1-day short course on Carbonate Essentials (CE) for the first time on June 15 at the China University of Petroleum in Qingdao. The event is the 4th ICAPT Technical Forum. (ICAPT stands for International Center for Advanced Petroleum Technologies).


... classification, deposition, diagenesis, dolomite, chalk, pores, karst

Rock Physics 
... velocity versus [everything], beware ND correlation, Gassmann in carbonates?, diagenesis and rock physics

... fractures and cross-dipole sonic, Vp/Vs-Impedance space, synthetic seismogram, time-depth curve

Seismic 101 
... tuning, resolution, spatial aliasing, dip and throw, 3D intro, meaning of amplitude

... layers and information, tracking in unfaulted terrain, offset tracking, flattening, depth conversion, tracking in faulted terrain, geobody extraction

... acoustic impedance, similarity, curvature, spectral decomposition, AVO

Many thanks to the Chinese American Petroleum Association (CAPA) for arranging and facilitating this course. It culminates over 10 years of working on carbonates at Saudi Aramco, the University of Houston and now at the University of Arkansas. After my SEG President term winds down in Fall 2015, I will be available to teach CE on a request basis worldwide as an in-house or public offering. Contact for further information.

Preview on YouTube... see this blog entry for details

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