Thursday, September 27, 2012

DISC 24 Caracas (21 September)

After the confused rush of Villahermosa, it was a welcome bread to have a day free in Caracas.  The airport is near the beach and the city is only about 9 miles in a direct line to the city.  But a big mountain or two lie along that path, so it is a 20 mile drive to Caracas and there is only one road.  It is all very scenic and the city center where the DISC was held is a pretty grand place at the foot of the big mountain.

With my voice, and the rest of me, still recovering, it seemed a good idea to stay in the hotel on my free day.  This choice was made easier by the 18th floor pool that gave amazing views of the city 200 ft below.  Maybe I got a bit too much sun, but it was a lovely, lazy day high in the sky above Caracas.

The DISC was expertly organized by Alejandro Castro of Lumina (about 60 in attendance).  No translation needed here, english proficiency in Venezuela is the best of any Spanish-speaking country in the world that I know of (including Spain).  And I know from long experience at U Tulsa and U Houston, that Venezuelan students are some of the best trained and brightest in the world.  In fact, I told the group that I hope a good Venezuelan student applies for the new geosciences PhD program at the University of Arkansas, my new school.

I joined Alejandro and a few of the DISC attendees in the rooftop lounge overlooking nightfall on Caracas.  In keeping with the frantic pace of this DISC trip, I was up at 4am to catch an early flight back to Houston then on to Arkansas.  I could have stayed another day, except it would mean missing my father's 80th birthday party.  No way.

Caracas DISC class of 2012.  Alejandro Castro middle row, far left.

About town

Rooftop pool high above Caracas.

From the hotel rooftop looking toward the airport, where no road goes.

Some much needed rest and relaxation for the DISC instructor.

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Joan Marie Blanco said...

It was great having you here Dr. Liner. Thanks a lot!