Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DISC 23 Villahermosa (18 September)

It started badly.  The night before flying out for this DISC trip I was sick with a fever that broke about 1am, but left me is pretty sad shape.  A persistent chest congestion, cough and recurring fever had been hanging around since the Tokyo DISC.  The flight from Arkansas to Houston was fine, then I sat near the departure gate in Houston airport waiting for the Villahermosa flight.  Perhaps due to my weakened, confused state the plane loaded and doors closed without me hearing any of it.  The flight was missed.

Thanks to some quick itinerary work by Jenny Cole of SEG (thank you!), we managed to find a new route.  A long one.  Houston to Chicago to Mexico City to Villerhermosa.  It took all night and I arrived in Villahermosa at 8am, was at the hotel by 9 and taught 9:30 to 6pm.  Marco Vasquez of Pemex did a great job adapting to my altered schedule and managing the course in general.  It was a good group and simultaneous translation did not slow down the class a bit.  There are 52 in the photo (think we had 60 total).  Glad my missed flight did not mean all these people missed the DISC.

Villahermosa DISC class of 2012. 

After the class, I enjoyed a welcome glass of wine on the hotel veranda watching a nice lightening storm.  I tried to make some small talk with people, but my voice was shot.  Nothing left in the tank.

About town

The next morning I rested and took a taxi in mid-afternoon for the airport.  Except for taxi rides from and to the airport, I never got out of the hotel.  But on one of those drives I did see this really water tower art.  The idea could be cloned to dress up water towers all over the world, a great idea.

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