Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DISC 11 Milan (21 May)

The Milan DISC was hosted by ENI under the expert hand of Eugenio Loinger, famous for an early dip move out paper (PDF here).  Many thanks Eugenio.  

The famous, and very nice, Eugenio Loinger.

There were 44 in attendance at the ENI lecture hall (very nice).  

Alessandro Amato del Monte supplied a PDF of O'Doherty and Anstey (1971).  This is a paper I had been missing on my blog entry for key references.  The presentation went well with some good questions, but perhaps the most exciting thing was the earthquake a couple of days before the DISC.

About town

The vast and lovely Galleria shaped like a cross and open at each end.

The central glass dome, amazing since 1877.

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