Saturday, October 10, 2020

C19 Update with Rescaled Butterfly Plots


Been thinking about my butterfly plots for Arkansas, US and world. Since the y-scale on each is scientific notation it properly plots the very different number of, say, deaths in the three regions. Tweaked the code to now show [item]/million_population where item is either daily reported deaths or new cases. 

Interpretation (all numbers approximate)
     Deaths … world 0.75/M, US 2.4/M (3.2x world), and AR 6/M (8x world)
     Cases … world 41/M, US 140/M (3.4x world), and AR 250/M (6x world)

So I live in a state which is 3x the US average on deaths/cases and 6-8x as hot as the world average. Think I will stay home. 

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