Thursday, September 24, 2020

C19 Update with India NN Request

 Expect world C19 deaths to pass 1 million mark in 5-6 days.

India neural network request

'Dear Dr Liner, I have been following your NN predictions for US. I also saw the one you had done for India. Situation in India has become quite alarming. May I request you for another prediction for India with the latest trends? Many readers of seismos will be interested in it. Sincerely CM'

Thank you CM, your India neural network plots are below. Note the last 5 daily death values include a zero yesterday, doubtless a reporting error. This will have the effect of dragging down the fit, so you can take this result as a best case scenario. The last 5 daily deaths are [1133 1130 1053 0 1085].

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