Saturday, October 17, 2015

2015 SEG New Orleans!

Read days from bottom up, and time inside each day also bottoms up. 

Sat Oct 24 

Eola hotel (1840) in Natchez,Mississippi. We are on a slow drive home, our March from the sea. Thank you SEG for the good times as president. Over and out.

Friday Oct 23

Dolores and a new friend, the tiny 'gator (8 mo old). 

Fast airboat swamp tour with Kenny, wild man of the bayou. 

Thursday Oct 22

Street placard on Magazine street. 

Beautiful table of food and drink at Casamento's, a wonderful neighborhood restaurant on Magazine street. My new favorite place in New Orleans. 

Wed Oct 21

Annual Meeting General Chair Julius Doruelo elegant in a tuxedo at Wednesday evening event at House of Blues. 

Champagne toast with Jorge Hildebrand celebrating signing of cooperation agreement between SEG and SBGf, the Geophysical Society of Brasil. 

Tues Oct 20

Presidents reception. 

International reception

VIP meeting with EAGE president Mohammed Al-Faraj, my friend of many years.

John Doherty of Tullow Oil talking at Global Affairs Committee luncheon. 

Sunrise over Algiers, a section of New Orleans made famous in the book "Confederacy of Dunces". 

Mon Oct 19 -- The longest day (16 hr)

Ex-editor bear hug with Evert Slob. 

Sheral Danker celebrated at Editors Dinner for 25 years of SEG service. My note to Sheral: "Dear Sheral: You have been a charming, smiling friend for so many years to this old editor. Whenever things seemed too much of a burden, I could always count on you seeing the sunny side of things. Congratulations on this important anniversary. Your presence at the SEG has done much to make it a warm and inviting place for so very long.  Best regards and big hugs from your greatest fan. Chris Liner, 2014-5 SEG President."

Editors dinner .... scientists in a box. 

The only way to go in New Orleans. My driver was Angelina, with free fare by  TGS. 

SEG Foudation luncheon. Anadarko VP Robert Talley announcing $625K in scholarship funds over the next 5 years. 

Opening ceremony panel discussion. Note text questions from the audience on left screen. SEG interactive!!

In the green room before my presidential address with annual meeting general chair Julius Doruelo. 

Behind the scenes at opening ceremony. 

Sun Oct 18

Quick ride across the exhibition floor. 

Prof. Manik Talwani receiving the Maurice Ewing award. 

Exhibition floor 4 hours before Icebreaker. 

Sat Oct 17

Anastasia Galperina of Gubkin Oil & Gas University in Moscow. Her grandfather is the Russian geophysicist Galperin, who is very famous for early VSP research. 

Student Leadership Symposium

Fri Oct 16

My last SEG board meeting as president. 

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