Monday, January 5, 2015

IPTC in Kuala Lumpur

-------5 Jan 2015 ----

Just got some photos from IPTC, here are a couple of good ones.

Four Presidents: Phillip Ringrose (EAGE), Randi Martinsen (AAPG), Christopher Liner (SEG), Jeff Spath (SPE Past). Together, the societies represent over 200,000 geoscientists and engineers worldwide.

Action photo during plenary session talk on Progress and promise of offshore geophysical technology.

---- 11 Dec 2014 ----

I'm at the international petroleum technology conference and gave a plenary session talk today. The topic was promise and progress in offshore seismic technology. It seemed well received. With me on stage and co-speakers were presidents of AAPG, EAGE, and SPE. Lofty company indeed.

Plenary Session talk on "Progress and Promise of Offshore Seismic Technology"

With Mahmoud Abdulbaqi, CEO of ArGas. 
Final attendance numbers, a new record despite dropping oil price.
Six month drop of 46% in WTI spot price.
Yes, that is an 8ft Christmas tree being checked as baggage by a business
class passenger. Just when you think you have seen it all. 

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