Sunday, July 20, 2014

Research cruise on Beaver Lake

Beaver Lake in NW Arkansas has 480 miles of shoreline along the flooded White River valley, much of it with important geological exposures. Our first exploration trip on July 18 logged 34 new locations and 700 high resolution photos for lab analysis.

Measuring section

A kayak (exactly 10 ft long) is a convenient scale bar when operated near the rock face.  Students John Gist (shown) and Thomas Liner are experienced kayak pilots, a benefit of growing up in Arkansas. 

Miss Boone outcrop L160 with kayak near face for scale and water line as natural level.
Import photo to ImageJ, zoom to Kayak and pull line tip-to-tip, then set scale of this distance to 10 ft.  Walah, a scaled photo with 0.1 ft resolution.  Of course, there is a bit of distortion above the line of site, but certainly more accuracy than a graduate student hanging off a rope down a 100 ft cliff. 

Full image with a few elements marked up using ImageJ. Since the Boone is known to be about 300 ft thick, this one site represents about 1/3 of the entire formation.

Candid moments

MS Students John Gist (L) and Thomas Liner (R) on lunch break.

A fine Mississippian outcrop, or is it a lake crop?

Guest Robert Liner of Stephens Production supervising.

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