Thursday, May 1, 2014

Beijing 2012

Over the next few days I'll be blogging from the Beijing 2014 geophysical conference in, of course, Beijing China. I'm going there representing SEG leadership to give a keynote address, road ahead talk, and a couple of other technical talks to student societies.

As I have things to add, I will put a new item in this single blog entry. Sort of a blog within a blog if you will.  Let's get started.

Th 5/1 ... Fayetteville

Well, as you might have guessed my blog (and all of blogger) is blocked in China.  So no updates were possible.  Other things blocked: anything about the Great Wall; The New York Times; The Guardian; Facebook. Not blocked: Reddit (strange since it has some very dark, subversive corners).

So here are a few highlight photos:

A rare clear day in Beijing.

Road Ahead talk at the opening session of Beijing 2014. 

Mr. Wang Teijun (BGP) at a dinner.

Giving a talk at the China University of Petroleum.

On the Great Wall with Alfred Liaw and a CUP student.

Alfred and Julie Liaw in Tiananmen Square with Mao Gate to the Forbidden City behind.

Fri 4/18 ... Chicago airport

Did I mention I am a Cubs fan?

Fri 4/18 ... en route to Chicago

Interesting reading. 

Fri 4/18 ... 2pm 
Just arrived at the XNA airport in Northwest Arkansas. Flight departs at 3:15 for Chicago and then on to Beijing. Note from the photo that I'll be accompanied by my old companion Niffy, you can see him just peeking out of my bag.

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