Thursday, December 19, 2013

Best Geophysics Talk Fall 2013

I'm just wrapping upgrading on my geophysics class for the fall of 2013. Part of this class is the graduate students give them SEG-style presentation. The topic is randomly assigned, they have to quickly get up to speed with it and present a 15 minute talk to the class. Each day we get in 8 or 9 talks and a secret ballot vote decides the daily winner. At the very end, all daily winners review their work, there is a secret ballot vote again and a class winner is decided.

This year weather got in the way. Snow and ice in Fayetteville mean we lost several days  and only had one class period for presentations. So this semester's best talk will go to the one daily winner  -- Michael Kumbalek. 

Michael Kumbalek with the owl of achievement.

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