Sunday, October 13, 2013

AAPG Midcon core workshop

Over 6300 ft of core layed out in 15 stations. 

Permian halite

Penn/Miss unconformity in Woods County OK. The facies directly beneath the unconformity is called tripolite by the author, but may well be closer to the head cheese breccia reported in the Picher OK mining district report of 1970. The difference is fundamental, a tripolite is wholesale replacement of limestone with silica to create a very porous chalk-like rock, while headcheese breccia is a collapse breccia infilled with younger sediment.

Another Pennsylvanian/Mississippian unconformity look, this time from Sumner County Kansas. There are reworked Mississippian fragments in the lower Penn, and collapse breccia fragments in the upper Mississippi.

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