Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Merry Christmas poem

Maybe some readers with young children will like this poem.  I wrote it for daughter Samantha.

Christmouse Eve
December 18, 2001

I want to tell a little tale
Of not so long ago
And give to you a tiny piece
Of the things I know

It all began one Christmas eve
Inside a snowy house
Within a room, within a wall
Snored a little mouse

Never still, he flipped and twisted
Wiggled all around
His fuzzy ears would dart toward
Any little sound

But something big was banging here
So loud against his wall
He could not sleep, he could not rest
This would do at all

He pulled the blanket on his head
And tried to sleep some more
But darted up when momma's picture
Crashed onto the floor

His Christmas tree began to sway
Driven by a thump
He caught it barely, just in time
With a frantic jump

It was so late on Christmas eve
Yet he was wide awake
He vowed right then to stop those thumps
Whatever it would take

The tree set gently back in place
He spun to face the door
Then marched right over as a thump
Came louder than before

His eyes were closed, his ears were back
He gave a mighty shout
"Will you stop that thumping please
My patience has run out!"

"This is my house, this is my wall
And where I choose to be
You have no right to thump about
And cause me misery!"

He stuck his head into the room
To yell a little more
When he saw a chubby man
Sitting on the floor

The bushy beard was very white
His clothes were darkest red
(Except for boots as black as night)
A cap was on his head

He felt into a lumpy sack
Then felt around some more
A heavy box came tumbling out
And thumped onto the floor

He turned a smile toward the mouse
Who could not say a thing
A tiny box came from the sack
Tied with tiny string

A snowy night, a snowy house
A lovely place to be
A magic scene, a little mouse
A lovely Christmas eve

But all too soon the man was gone
Not a word was said
Behind he left one happy mouse
Snoring in his bed

Dolores' clever play on Feliz Navidad (Spanish for Merry Christmas)


annewalker said...

That's a very beautiful poem, thanks for sharing with us, very inspiring and fun-to-read. Happy Holidays!

Anne Walker
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Hey, great christmas poems. I enjoyed reading your poem. I'm happy to have found your website. Thank you,


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