Monday, November 12, 2012

DISC 25 Las Vegas (2 November)

Las Vegas is always interesting.  It was the site of the 2012 SEG Annual Meeting and Exposition and the DISC was given on the Friday preceding.  Attendance was 39, with several familiar faces in the audience including Scott Morton (Hess), Paul Fowler (WesternGeco) and Rodney Johnston (BP).  As you would expect from such a group, there were many thoughtful questions.

The Las Vegas DISC class

About town

Let me first say that, amazing as it sounds, I did not make one stop at the casino.  Vegas arranges things so you must go through the casino to get anywhere.  But I resisted and not a penny was bet or lost.  Not that I am a reformed gambler or moral crusader, it just held no interest for me.

For the first time, I played in the SEG golf tournament on the saturday before the meeting.  It was a lovely day on a wonderful course.  Excellent.

A few photos below convey the spirit of a lively SEG.

Dawn in Las Vegas at the golf links.

Prof. Helmut Jakubowvicz of Imperial College

For the first time at SEG, digital poster presentations!

The lovely Marilee Sanzalone of SEG who organizes the Editor's Dinner.

Election watch party with Kyle Spikes, Jeff Shragge and other former Stanford folks.

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