Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DISC 18 Beijing (21-22 June)

The Beijing DISC was held in Zhouzhou city, which is southwest of Beijing itself.  With the airport on the northeast side of Beijing, this means a 50 mile taxi ride.  But I was met by Prof. Jie Zhang of the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), and my very capable handler Bai Yubao of CNPC.  The DISC was sponsored by BGP who is gratefully acknowledged.  

Attendance was 100, making it the 2nd largest DISC audience behind Calgary.  But one gets the feeling Beijing could have 200 without any trouble.  Interpretation was expertly handled by Liu Yongxia of CGGVeritas, who turned out to be a graduate of CSM / CWP just like me (although a few years later).  Always nice to run across a fellow Oredigger fan out there in the big world.

Of note is 85 year-old S. X. Qian who sat on the front row, asked questions, and is working his way through my book Elements of 3D Seismology.  He is good friends with Roy Lindseth who was at my Calgary DISC.

The DISC in progress

The Beijing DISC class of 2012

About town

Zhouzhou City is far from the city crowds

My host Bai Yubao, a nice and very capable fellow.

S. X. Qian at 85 and going strong  

Back in Beijing for an afternoon it was time for sightseeing

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