Sunday, June 10, 2012

DISC 15 Copenhagen (2 June)

The Copenhagen DISC was a bit different.  Where we have been seeing class sizes from 20-50 across Europe, here we had just 5.  Maybe an advertising problem, or a repercussion of the SEG taking over the entire DISC program when it had been a joint SEG/EAGE program in previous years.  However, we had a great conference-style room in the amazing Bella Sky hotel and the small group allowed us to be very informal.

About town

Copenhagen in June still required several layers of clothing.  Many outdoor cafes had heaters and blankets, but they lacked the shoulder-height glass windbreaks I saw in Stavanger.  Food at places along the canal was excellent.  My hotel (Bella Sky) was another matter.  This is a big hotel attached to the conference center with 800 rooms, but the cafe menu has a total of two sandwiches and maybe six main courses. If you stay here a week, it is easy to get tired of that menu.  One night I came in late and needed dinner in the room.  I checked the room service menu and found the two sandwiches and six mains, all with meat.  Well, I eat seafood or vegetarian and this was a dilemma. Ultimately I ordered the chicken and bacon sandwich, hold the chicken and bacon.  Not much of a sandwich and it took 1.5 hours to get there.  It is a beautiful hotel, but come on.

Hotel issues aside, I found old Copenhagen charming.  There were some good bookshops too.  I bought a couple of crazy books from the 1930s by Dennis Wheatly, the titles being Murder off Miami and Who killed Robert Prentice? (info here).

More bikes than cars in Copenhagen.

17th Century observatory tower with interior spiral ramp.

Fun Sercel party at the Carlsberg brewery.  Jim Gaiser with old beer truck.

This was my favorite.

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