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DISC book errata and key references

updated 1 April 2013... new items marked with •

***** DISC Book Errata *****************

p xi ... SeismicUn*x is open source software not public domain software

p 37... Figure 1(c) legend is mis-labled for phase and group velocity.  Light gray is group velocity, dark gray is phase velocity.

p 38... Chap 3 Eq 21 see correction below in red

p 38... Chap 3 Eq 22 see correction below in red

•p 42... left side of Eq 23 should be zero not R

p 55... Chap 4 Eq 9 is an  invertible set of relationships between stiffness and Thomsen parameters, but the quadratic terms in the definition of delta require a choice of sign.  For details see Tsvankin's 2012 book Seismic Signatures and Analysis of Reflection Data in Anisotropic Media (p 19).

•p 73... para 2 reference should be Nagaoka (1906) as correctly given in the reference list

p 75... Table 2 wave equation (WE) entries for Time--dependent moduli should read "Linear"

p 80... Figure 2 vertical axis label should read: "1000/Q or Log(velocity)"

p 83... Figure 3 vertical axis label should read: "1000/Q or Log(velocity)"

p 121... Figure 12c velocity profile should decrease with depth as shown below:

*****  Key References ***************** updated 10 June 2012

At several early DISC events I was asked to make my key references available on the web.  DISC attendees, you have been heard....

Chapter 1

Chakraborty, A. and Okaya, D., 1995, Frequency-time decomposition of seismic data using wavelet-based methods: Geophysics, Soc. of Expl. Geophys., 60, 1906-1916. PDF

Torrence, C. and Compo, G., 1998. A practical guide to wavelet analysis. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 79, no. 1, 61-78. PDF

Bernhard G. Bodmann and Christopher L. Liner, "Stable signal recovery from the roots of the short-time Fourier transform", Proc. SPIE 8138, 813817 (2011);
 PDF  Slides

Chapter 2

Doty and Crawford, 1954, First Vibroseis patent. PDF

Chapter 3

Park, C. B., Miller R. D., and Xia J., 1998, Imaging of dispersion curves of surface waves on multi-channel record: SEG, Expanded Abstracts, 17 , no. 1, 1377-1380 PDF (this is the Geophysics paper of 1999)

Chapter 4

Backus, G., 1962, Long-wave elastic anisotropy produced by horizontal layering: J. Geophys. Res., 67, 4427–4440. PDF

Liner, C. L., and Fei, T. W., 2006, Layer-induced seismic anisotropy from fullwave sonic logs: Theory, application, and validation:Geophysics 71, D183-D190. PDF

 Liner, C. L., and T. W. Fei, 2007, The Backus number: The Leading Edge, 26, 420-426. PDF

Chapter 5

Liu, H.-P., Anderson, D. L., and Kanamori, H., 1976, Velocity dispersion due to anelasticity; implications for seismology and mantle composition, Geophys. J. R. astr. Soc., 47, 41-58. PDF

An earlier occurrence of the standard linear solid (SLS) form of Hooke's law is found in C. W. Horton, A loss mechanism for the Pierre Shale, 1959, Geophysics 24, 667.  This paper is not referenced by Liu, et al. (1976).

First occurrence of theSLS is in Clarence Zener Elasticity and anelasticity of metals, University of Chicago Press, 1948.  This is not referenced by Horton (1959) or Liu et al. (1976).

Kjartansson, E., 1979, Constant QWave propagation and attenuation : Journal of Geophysical Research B, 84, 4737-4748. PDF

Also, Kjartansson's PhD thesis can be found online at the Stanford Exploration Project. PDF

Chapter 6

O’Doherty, R. F. and Anstey, N. A., 1971, Reflections on amplitudes: Geophys. Prosp., Eur. Assn. Geosci. Eng., 19, 430-458. PDF  [Thank you to Alessandro Amato del Monte]

Chapter 7

Biot, M. A., 1956a, Theory of propagation of elastic waves in a fluid-saturated porous solid, I: Low frequency range, J. Acoust. Soc. Am, 28, 168-178. PDF

Dutta, N. C., and H. Ode, 1983, Seismic reflections from a gas-water contact: Geophysics, 48, 148-162. PDF

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