Sunday, April 22, 2012

DISC 7 Houston (20 April)

We had a great crowd for the Houston DISC, about 98 attending in the WesternGeco Q room. Very fitting that, considering the course has much content about attenuation. As one would expect in Houston, it was a very knowledgable crowd. Many friends and luminaries were in the room, including Bob Sheriff (1 day after his 90th birthday), Colin Sayers, Norm Neidell, John Smythe (VP of FairfieldNodal), SEG past-presidents Fred Hilterman, Bill Barkhouse, and Klaas Koster, and current SEG DISC committee chairman Baishali Roy. We had a lively session and with all the deep expertise in the room, the audience often answered its own questions. A lecturer's dream.

The suggestion was made for me to post PDF files for the key references of each chapter, as well as errata for the book. I'm working on it...

************** Feedback ***************

Dr. Liner,

Thank you so much for lecturing to us today at WesternGeco's facility. The lecture topics were great, and although most of it was over my head, there were some great takeaways for me. Dr. Roel Snieder at CSM always told us that science was like any sport or talent, and skill at it represents a time accumulated. You can't be a great piano player without putting in a lot of time pushing the piano keys, and likewise, science takes time. He told us, "As I lecture, you may not get it, but that's okay, because at least I can plant a seed and then maybe the next time you hear it, something clicks, or the time after that!" That's always how I've approached learning, accepting that I may not always get things the first time, but as the old saying goes, you can't win the prize if you aren't playing the game. Thanks for introducing and clarifying so many things that are new to me. Happy travels throughout the year.

Robert Blanchard

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