Friday, April 13, 2012

DISC 5 New Orleans (12 April)

Ellen Clark of the Southeastern Geophysical Society hosted the DISC at the Shell Square Auditorium. It was an intimate gathering of 17, including a few students from LSU. Someone suggested the title of my DISC was a bit off-putting to interpreters and seismic processors alike. There may be something to that, but I prefer truth in advertising over a slick title that might be misleading. The course has, in fact, about 30% content related to topics of interest to processing and the same for interpretation. This DISC is not a 'how to' course of incremental advances over current practice, but a glimpse at phenomena that may one day be exploited.

While in The Big Easy, I stayed at the fabulous Le Pavillon hotel. You gotta love a place where the room has a wet bar, doorbell and fireplace, and medallion portraits of Napoleon and Josephine preside over the lobby elevator doors beneath an ornate 12 foot ceiling. Did I mention it is better-priced than the big chain hotels? Or the $20 breakfast buffet? A few blocks away is the Felix Oyster Bar where I ate an alarming number of oysters on the half-shell.

Unlike the 110-strong Calgary audience that was impossible to photograph, in New Orleans we managed a nice group shot. Ellen Clark is on the far left.

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