Thursday, March 15, 2012

DISC 3a SIPES (15 March)

A brief account of the DISC was given at lunch today in the elegant and lofty setting of the Houston Petroleum Club. The event was for SIPES (Society of Independent Petroleum Earth Scientists), a group I have grown to know through friends Larry Rairden and Wulf Massell. I reckon there were about 50 in attendance. These folks know how to do it right, wine social hour on the 43rd floor with a panoramic view of Houston, then sitting to a fine table and wonderful food... and this is just lunch! Wulf introduced me so majestically that it was a hard act to follow.

SIPES is predominantly a geological group with emphasis on seismic interpretation. so I presented chapter 6 of the DISC which deals with the topic of interference. The idea is that broadband seismic data (say 5-80 Hz) like we typically interpret gives an often confusing representation of the earth dominated by interference effects that can hide interesting geology. No one fell asleep after such a good meal, my best evidence that the talk was well-received.

Thank you Wulf for the invitation to speak before such a fine group of people.

******************** Photo ****************************

The SIPES crowd with my buddy Larry Rairden in the far left foreground.

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