Friday, January 13, 2012

Milton B. Dobrin Memorial Lecture

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The University of Houston Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences is delighted to announce the 18th Milton B. Dobrin Memorial Lecture will be given by Prof. Roel Snieder on Feb 27, 2012. Prof. Snieder of the Colorado School of Mines is W.M. Keck Distinguished Professor of Basic Exploration Science, an honorary member of SEG, author of several books, and an outstanding researcher in fields as diverse as interferometry, seismic modeling, multiple suppression, microseismicity, and seismic noise. Prof. Snieder web page

Rethinking Carbon Capture and Sequestration as a tool to reduce global warming
Because of the increasing world population, mankind is more and more vulnerable to changes in climate. The man-made contribution to global warming is due to emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses. Capturing CO2 and injecting it in the subsurface thus seems a natural method to reduce man-made global warming. The following questions must be answered before this process can be used on a scale that actually makes a difference in managing climate change. (1) How can the cost of this process be reduced from its projected cost of 150 billion dollars per year? (2) How can the capture and injection be up-scaled with a factor 1000 beyond current capabilities? (3) How can we predict and monitor leakage? Many actions alternative to carbon capture and sequestration are likely to be much cheaper, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save energy, and increase the energy independence of the United States.

This event will be hosted at the UH Hilton in association with student poster presentations. Prof. Snieder also plans a student-only seminar earlier in the day. The Department will advertise the Dobrin evening lecture through the Geophysical Society of Houston to draw a diverse audience from the industry. Anticipated attendance is 120-170.

We are seeking additional sponsors to support this important lecture and student seminar. In addition to the Hilton venue, cost items include advertising, speaker travel, catered food and cash bar, as well as lunch for the student seminar. Any surplus funds will provide student support for geophysics field camp. Sponsorship level of $3000 or over will receive prominent acknowledgement and logo display.

If you are able to help sponsor the 2012 Dobrin Lecture, please contact me by email or phone.

Best regards,

Prof. Christopher L. Liner, Associate Chairman
Department of Earth & Atmopheric Sciences
University of Houston


Here is a complete list of previous speakers at the UH Dobrin Memorial Lecture.  Thanks to Fernando Enrique Ziegler for filling many gaps.  More thanks to Stuart Hall for the early years.

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