Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shane drain

After a 14 hour day at the University of Houston and finishing my 8:30 class last night, I got together with some old Arkansas buddies (Shane, Eddie and John) at the Flying Saucer in downtown Houston.  With four geologists you know the conversation will eventually take a turn toward the oil and gas business.   One recurring theme was the relation of world population and oil production as shown in this plot from another blog entry.

Toward the end of the evening words alone were insufficient to convey the complex ideas springing up. Beer coasters were called to duty as makeshift sketch pads, examples below.

The concept of the Flying Saucer is plates on all walls and ceiling with witty sayings.  My favorite spotted last night: There are three kinds of mathematicians in the world: Those who can count and those who can't. 

A fine session with many of the world's problems solved.  Thanks boys.


Shane's concept of drainage patterns in a fracked horizontal well over time.

Eddie explains a mysterious horizontal well with a cross section drawing(top) and Shane pushes the drainage pattern theory again (below).

Shane mathematics.

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