Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Keynote at 2012 ASEG

As part of my 2012 world lecture tour for the SEG DISC, I have been asked to deliver a keynote presentation at the Australian SEG meeting being held 26th – 29th February 2012 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Aspects of Reservoir Geophysics for CO2 Sequestration

In this talk the nature and magnitude of the atmospheric CO2 problem is developed, leading to the push for geologic CO2 sequestration efforts. As an example, our work at the Dickman Field site in Ness County, Kansas is presented. This involves extensive attribute analysis of 3D seismic data, geological property estimation and gridded model-building, followed by flow simulation on regular and refined grids. The goal is to estimate the potential volume of CO2 that could be injected at Dickman as a template for mid-continent sites in the U.S., and quantitative evaluation of the subsurface fate of injected CO2 over long-range simulations lasting several hundred years.

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