Friday, January 7, 2011

Kurdish oil seep

About a month ago I was in Erbil (captial of Iraqi Kurdistan) teaching classes for Aspect on seismic migration and thrust belt interpretation.  I had a chance to go into the field near the Gulf Keystone Shaikan-1 well.  This discovery well was drilled in 2009 and had estimated reserves of 4.2 billion barrels on an anticline with beautiful surface exposure.  Details can be found in this investor PDF

 The photo below was taken near the currently drilling Atrush-1 exploration well, showing an outcrop with natural oil seeps.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pic!

MikeBromley said...

I'm betting, from the flavor of the first comment above, that Mister Pista has weighed in on the Atrush area. I was one of two wellsite geologists who sat Atrush-1; and it didn't disappoint! Oil seeps were everywhere, and fractures in surface outcrops were cemented with bitumen. The tremendous jig-saw puzzle.

Awesome indeed.