Friday, March 19, 2010


Lately I've been doing a lot of finite difference simulation in realistic layered models. The code I'm running is Tong Fei's SeismicUnix (SU) program sufctanismod, although I have had to make a few modifications for large-scale simulations (3000 x 3000 grid, 9000 time steps). My modified code has been sent to John Stockwell at Colorado School of Mines, who is the keeper of SU.

One area of interest is development of dispersive waves in shallow water. The first figure below is a simulated shot record, data(t,x). The second figure is it's time Fourier transform, data(f,x) showing a lovely pattern. To those versed in the art, the curved features in the (f,x) plot indicate dispersive wave modes. Pretty enough to frame.

Fig 1.  Synthetic (t,x) shot record generated by SU code sufctanismod

Fig 2. The lovely Fourier transform (f,x) amplitude of the data in Fig 1.

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