Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dr. Luis Zerpa Petr. Eng. Course at UA

Dr. Luis Zerpa of the Colorado School of Mines department of Petroleum Engineering gave a one day short course at The University of Arkansas on Saturday February 22.  This important offering for our geology students was organized by Geosciences Department alum John Williams (who founded the Geosciences Advisory Board) with much help from Ed Ratchford of the Arkansas Geological Survey and advisory board member.

Luis did a fine job of plowing through complex material, his course handouts will allow students to revisit the material for further study. The topics covered were:

We in the Geosciences department acknowledge our deep gratitude to Luis. This is the kind of opportunity that prepares our students for the petroleum industry and offers faculty a chance to refresh or learn new topics that can be brought into the classroom. We also thank advisory board members John Williams and Gerry Lundy for financial support of this course.

Over 50 attended the course instructed by Luis Zerpa (front center).

-------Sun, Feb 23, 2014 at 4:12 PM-----------------

Dear Chris,

It was a pleasure teaching this course to the Department of Geosciences at the University of Arkansas. I really enjoyed my time at Fayetteville, and would be glad to come back any time in the near future.

Please, find below the web link to the book of Reservoir Engineering that I suggested yesterday,

Thanks for the note in your blog, I appreciate it.

Best wishes,


Thursday, February 20, 2014

iPhone Geology

This week I have been working on a manuscript for publication, have not quite decided the appropriate venue yet.  I expect to have a full first draft by early next week.

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Don't forget about our open faculty position in basin analysis and structure.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ardmore Geological Society

This evening I have a dinner talk to the Ardmore Geological Society(AGS) at the Chickasaw Lake Club (established 1902, before statehood!).  The connection to Ardmore is my old buddy Chuck Price, geologist, University of Arkansas graduate, marine veteran from the first Gulf War, and steady attendee at the Fall Brawl.  The last item is a campout of Arkansas geology grads that has met once a year since 1979, and is going strong.  I am a charter member myself.

In addition to my talk, this was an important meeting of the AGS in which they awarded Chuck honorary life membership in the society.  A well-deserved tribute to his tireless AGS work.

Chuck Price (left) awarded honorary lifetime membership by AGS president Mike Allison.
After the meeting I got this nice note from Mike:

Dr. Liner,
     Thank you so much for the excellent talk. I have had attendees call and say that they enjoyed and actually understood all you talked about which is sadly not a universal observation of some of our talks. You have a very rare talent for taking complex scientific information and placing it in words which are readily understandable. Thank you.
     In your talk you mentioned an app "GeoLocation". On my iPhone I looked up the app and found: [...] Is one of these what you have or another?
     Thanks again for such a superb talk. Chuck does a great job finding great speakers, particularly from Arkansas.
     Respectfully submitted,
     M. D. Allison
     North Texas Sample Log Service
     Consulting Geologist

This is the one we use in my group:

We also discussed another great iPhone app for geology, Theodolite

Theodolite iphone app demonstrated on Chuck and his award plaque, dipping at about 29 degrees.