Monday, May 30, 2011

Greek to Greek

Dear Panagiotis,

How appropriate that my book Greek Seismology should be translated into Greek by your students. You have my permission to publish the translation. Please send me the link when the book is published online. 

Best regards,

Prof. Christopher L. Liner
Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
University of Houston

On May 29, 2011, at 9:47 AM, wrote:

Dear Sir,

My name is Panagiotis Toumpaniaris, I teach physics and I am coordinator of an environmental group of pupils(ages14-15) of the  Experimental Gymnasium of Iraklion (Πεοραματικό Γυμνάσιο Ηρακλείου).

We are very happy to have found in the internet your work about Greek Seismology. We must say that we found your work excellent and we decided to translate it in Greek! We managed to translate the whole book and we would like to ask your permission to publish our work without any financial profit for us of course! This means that the translatiοn will appear in the site of our school and also in a cd handed out to the office of environmental education.
Panagiotis Toumpaniaris
Physics Teacher at  the Experimental Gymnasium of Iraklion
Diplom Meteorologe

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rayleigh wave dispersion and shear wave speed

Sensitivity of Rayleigh wave dispersion to shear wave speed for a model consisting of one layer over an infinite half-space. Synthetic shot records (not shown) were generated by Tong Fei's elastic 2D modeling code (sufctanismod.c) and dispersion curves computed using Park's method as implemented by C. Liner (suphasevel.c). Both codes are distributed with the Seismic Un*x free processing system).

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

AGL meeting 2011

Allied Geophysical Lab tour during our 2011 sponsor meeting (29 April). I am wearing a tie and illustrating something with my fists. Can you find the famous geophysicists? (Leon Thomsen, Brian Russel, and Jim Gaiser). Photo credit: Larry Rairden (EOS Energy)